The Turnament

Unique Tournament 
Hsk Box Cup was held for the first time in 1985 and was the first of its kind.
At this time there were not a lot of tournaments in Europe where fighters
of all levels could expect a fair fight and to be matched with an opponent of
approximately the same level of experience and skills.

Today there is a vast numbers of tournaments that use the HSK model.
After closely scrutiny starts books of the boxers every fighter is
matched according to numbers of fights and
results of their previous fights to find a suitable opponent.
In this way we will get to see the best matches.
Using this form a fighter risk not to get a bout, if there is no matching fighters.
This is however rare and we do our best to match all.

HSK BOX CUP is held according to the AIBA rules and DABU.

Group partition
The turnament is open for male and female boxers. 
Each group consists of max four boxers.
They are matched according to age, weight, number of fights and results.
The individual boxer can only box one match per day.
There is only 1 weighting at Friday.
The matching can go across age and weight classes.
The maximum differences between 2 boxers in each group are: 3 kg / 2 years.
If two fighters have differences in age, the rules for this fight is for the youngest.