Firday 9th. 0ctober.:
17:00 – 21:00 Weighing at Frederikborg Centeret.
Saturday 10th. 0ctober.:
06:00 List of the matches.
08.30 Groupleader meets in the gymnasium.
09:00 Referees meet in the gymnasium.
10:00 Opening ceremony and the first matches.
17:00 Break
19:00 Evening event – a range of matches continues in the focus arena.
Sunday 11th. 0ctober.
07:00 Weighing
07:30 List of the final matches.
08:00 Groupleader meets in the gymnasium.
08:30  Referees meet in the gymnasium.
09:00 Finals begin.

The end of HSK BOX CUP approximately 17:00
Presentation of cups to the best boxers in each group.