Terms and conditions

All boxers must bring valid boxing and medical pass.

Enrolment/Registration :
Registration is binding.
Club/team responsible for registering participants is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct. (Information, date of birth, weight, bouts, etc.)
If HSK BC has reasoned suspicion of proven wrong information, the individual boxer’s results are deprived and in the event of extensive wrong information, HSK BC reserves the right to exclude the entire club/team without refunding fees.
If there are detected errors or changes in enroled data, the club/team must report this to HSK BC.

Entry fee :
All boxers must pay a participation entry fee.
If a boxer against expectations get no match, the entry fee is refunded.
If a boxer fails to attend the weighing in, or do not unsubscribe after the deadline for enrollment. The registered club is obligated to pay full fee.
If a boxer during the tournament fails or is prevented from boxing the fee is not refundable .

Meals are handled by the facility center and must be preordered.
Notice the meals must be ordered not later then 7 days prior to event start.

Accommodation in Frederiksborg Center :
As HSK must rent rooms , the accommodation booked before the deadline for enrollment is binding .
For cancellations after the deadline for enrollment, the registered club is obliged to pay for the number of entries .
Note that the persons must bring bedding (eg. mat, sleeping bag ) .

Hotel or Hostel:
This is not something HSK BOX CUP offers .
If so desired , the registered club must arrange and pay for the Hotel / Hostel and transport to and from Frederiksborg Center.

Judges and Referees:
All meals same program as the participants is free of charge.
HSK BOX CUP pays for overnight stay at Hotel or Hostel .
Transportation to and from FrederiksborgCentret However, is at own expense .

Payment :
Payment can be made cash in DK.KR or Euro upon signing/weighing in.